Thanks to our wonderful support from each and every person that has bought from BushStraps, here is the list of money raised and transfered towards Stop Rhino Poaching:

SRP Merch:BushStrap Donation:
July 2012R3 829,21March 2013R46 968,00Mobile BushCamps for Phinda Game Reserve
Aug 2012R35 083,37May 2013R8 420,00Phinda Game Reserve
Sept 2012R37 795,36September 2013R15 000,00Zorro Training
Oct 2012R22 444,77March 2014R32 000,00Night Vision
Nov 2012R15 310,01CurrentlyR85 371,00Swaziland
Dec 2012R9 751,93
Jan 2013R17 041,36
Feb 2013R14 977,98
Mar 2013R11 804,38
Apr 2013R5 313,17
May 2013R12 049,27
June 2013R3 884,18
July 2013R43 261,65
Aug 2013R2 251,06
Sept 2013R15 195,55
Oct 2013R5 461,11
Nov 2013R12 134,90
Dec 2013R5 830,93
Jan 2014R1 994,08
Feb 2014R3 618,75
March 2014R5 710,17
April 2014R4 668,60
May 2014R12 485,33
June 2014R1 013,44
July 2014R5 336,88
August 2014R7 685,97
Sept 2014R16 323,58
Oct 2014R4 353,10
Nov 2014R10 904,50
Dec 2014R514,72
Jan 2015R1 621,20
Feb 2015R231,60
March 2015R1 835,25
April 2015R4 091,60
May 2015R2 798,50
Total R358 607,46Total R187 759,00
GTOTALR546 366,46


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BushStraps is very proud to have raised money from our Survival Bracelet and have paid for Mobile Bush Camps and Training for Zorro the tracker dog, as our own project with SRP.

Some of what has been done with the money raised:

More info to come soon, please check this page for updates!